Principle Program


Basic Ideology

The Christian Values Party is founded on basic Christian value where the importance of human dignity is our political starting point. From this basis follows a strong belief in the importance of the family for the benefit of individuals, communities and for society in general. We are also convinced of the importance of a strong civil society – i.e. a society built upon many small communities, where the state’s power is limited. We also believe in stewardship, which is foundational to all our thoughts on environmental and supranational issues.


Human Dignity

According to the principle of human dignity, every human being is enormously precious by virtue simply of being human; and every human being is as precious as any other. This value is present from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. This principle of human dignity includes several rights, with the right to life being the most basic.
   The principle of human dignity further implies that every human being should be respected as valuable and that every natural phase in human development should be protected. Unborn children, from conception, have the right to live. The explicit purpose of abortion is to take the life from the unborn human. Therefore, abortion is unacceptable and should be considered a crime. This prohibition should also include abortive contraceptives and all forms of destructive handling of human zygotes, embryos and foetuses, e.g. in IVF-treatments. It is only in the extremely rare cases where the pregnancy threatens the woman’s physical life, that it is morally acceptable to end the pregnancy. Even in such situations, everything should be done to save the life of the unborn child.
   Children have the right to a safe childhood, which among other things includes time together with BOTH of their parents. Children also have the right to their mother and father, and knowledge about their origin. Therefore society should never create political solutions putting the desires of parents above the needs and rights of children. Because of this, we reject same-sex adoption and (except under exceptional circumstances) one-parent adoptions. Every adoption should, as far as possible, safeguard the interests and needs of the child. Because of this, we also reject fertility techniques that separate the child from its biological origin.
   The principle of human dignity also implies that assisted suicide and euthanasia are unacceptable practices. We are convinced that it is morally wrong to actively kill an ill person, even if it is according to that person’s will. Such infringements of human dignity inevitably lead to the demise of society.
   The principle of human dignity is also the primary directive for our position on many other issues. For example, we claim that prostitution should be completely prohibited. Purchasing sexual services from anyone is a serious violation of the dignity of the prostitute, even in cases where the selling of sex is voluntary. Therefore, buying as well as selling sex should be illegal.


With the principle of human dignity as a starting point, we further strive to:


  • Clarify Sweden’s constitution as well as institute a constitutional court for the purpose of deciding in cases involving possible violation by the state of human dignity, individual rights, or the rights of families and smaller groups in our society
  • Promote dignity and respect in the care of the elderly
  • Work towards a responsible immigration policy with respect for human dignity
  • Assure that the institutions responsible for our citizen’s freedom and safety (i.e. the national defence system and the police force), have the resources they need to fulfil their task
  • Increase punishments for serious violent crimes and sex related crimes
  • Prohibit surrogate motherhood
  • Act strongly against bullying in schools and workplaces
  • Strengthen the protection for victims of crime



We are convinced that the natural family is of decisive importance for the development and happiness of the individual, and, in the long term, for society as a whole. All forms of union are not equal. It is in the intimate relationship between a man and a woman that children are created – children who need and have the right to both their parents. We are convinced that monogamous and lifelong marriage is optimal for meeting the needs and desires of the child. We also believe that lifelong fidelity is in the true interests of adults. The state should promote this type of lifestyle through proper legislation and taxation.
   We are convinced that the small child’s relationship with its parents is essential to the child’s mental well-being and sense of security for the rest of its life. Therefore, we have to do everything we can to preserve rather than to break or endanger this attachment.
   We want to establish a system which gives parents the economic opportunity to choose the kind of childcare that would best meet the needs of their family. Different solutions within or outside the home are acceptable, as long as the relationship between parent and child is not harmed or threatened. It is up to each family to decide which of the parents stays at home.
   In Sweden today, the state intrudes on the rights of the family. There are many testimonies from parents and children of social services abusing power, and of mistreatment in foster homes and institutions. We want to appoint a public inquiry to investigate these issues and to reform social services, limiting their functions to being only supportive and advisory. Crimes within homes should be addressed by the criminal justice system, with its judicial competence, not by social services.
   We value the family very much, but we also want to safeguard the rights of the individual. With the principle of human dignity as our starting point, it stands to reason that the rights of the individual must never be violated in the context of the family. We want to forcefully oppose, and increase punishment for, so-called honour-related oppression, neglect and abuse of children, and violence against either HUSBAND or wife.


With the value and importance of the family in mind we want to

  • Reintroduce joint taxation for husband and wife
  • Regard the family, not the state, as principally responsible for the upbringing and education of the children
  • Permit home schooling
  • Facilitate the establishment and operation of private schools with different profiles
  • Oppose all governmental support for propaganda aimed at youths, which place the homosexual lifestyle on an equal footing with the heterosexual marriage
  • Oppose governmental support for sex education that does not emphasize marriage and the emotional side of intimate relationships
  • Oppose easy accessibility to pornography. Pornography should be restricted and difficult to access


The State and Civil Society

History teaches us that a vital civil society is a prerequisite for a well-functioning society. When the state takes over more and more functions, responsibility is handed over from individuals and small communities to a big bureaucratic apparatus. This creates a kind of individuality focused not so much on obligations, as on rights. Such a society is characterized by egoism. This we want to counteract by working for a strong civil society with a a state that defends human dignity and supports natural communities – but never tries to substitute itself for these communities.


Our emphasis on civil society further implies that we

  • Want the state’s responsibilities restricted to the country’s defense, judicial system and infrastructure, and to providing good conditions for health care, social welfare and education. As a rule, the state should not run any companies
  • Want to emphasize parent responsibility and harmonic families as conditions for well-functioning schools
  • Want to raise the status of teachers
  • Want to facilitate for non-profit organizations. Such organizations should, as far as possible, be tax-exempted
  • Want to allow private entities within the area of the state’s main functions, when appropriate
  • • Want social services to strive for co-operation with private entities (like churches and humanitarian organizations)




In a global perspective, we take the concept of responsible stewardship as our starting point regarding environmental and intergovernmental issues. We may (and should) use and refine the resources of the earth, but it must be done in a responsible manner. Intergovernmental joint initiatives have to be guided by the respect for human dignity, the importance of the family, and a sustainable and responsible environmental policy.


  1. Environment

Serious efforts should be made to develop alternative energy sources. Fossil fuels and nuclear power should, as far as possible, be phased out. Since Sweden’s pollutant release constitutes a very small amount of the world’s total pollution, responsible environmental policies must be promoted at EU-level and towards other foreign relations. We want to promote research and development of new technology that may solve our environmental problems.


  1. EU

We are very critical of the European Union’s ambitions to create a “United Nations of Europe”. The EU should not interfere in any countries internal affairs, but must be required to show great respect for national sovereignty. We take a positive view of the EU as a necessary body for legitimately transnational issues like environmental protection and the combating of crimes across national borders.
   The EU should open up for free trade, especially with developing countries.


  1. Foreign Policy

A forceful defence of human rights should characterize Swedish foreign policy. In international relations, Sweden should stand for the right to life of all people, including the unborn. We want to see a Sweden that stands for human dignity in a clear and consistent way. For example, Sweden must condemn liberal laws on abortion, forced abortions in China, and the millions of sex-selective abortions in Asia. On an international level we should support the right of girls to education and strongly react against systematic and cultural sexual oppression such as genital mutilation, as well as opposing the trivialization of rapes and the sexual violence that has become an integral part of some wars. Sweden should also actively obstruct child labour, slavery, trafficking, and other related crimes.
   Sweden should further hold the family in esteem and obstruct political values, which lead to the disintegration of the heterosexual nuclear family. This must not, however, justify any oppression of people choosing alternative lifestyles.
   In a respectful manner, and with emphasis on free trade and mutual exchange, Sweden should help developing countries to rise from poverty