Welcome to Kristna Värdepartiets homepage.


Kristna Värdepartiet started on January 4th, 2014. This means our organization and party platform is still under construction. The reason Kristna Värdepartiet started is that many voters with Christian values have come to feel more and more lost in the Swedish political climate. If our principle program describes your convictions and you want to take part in the formation of the party’s politics, feel free to contact us.

Our political vision is making a stand for the human dignity. We want to see a Sweden where each human is counted as valuable, just because he or she is a human, no matter if he or she is young, old, man, woman, born or unborn



      Mats Selander, president


Some things we are working for are:

  • protect our youngest citizens by making abortion illegal
  • strengthen and support families
  • reduce government influence
  • improve Swedish school and education


To get a better picture of what we stand for, go to Principle program